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Veiw of Big Boulder from Boulder Field

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The Big Kahuna.. This video is a narration of the descent and climb portions of the ride. We left the sounds from the bikes in the video to give the viewer a truer sense of the ride.

The Pennsylvania State Game Commission has deemed this ride illegal. Hopefully someday we can work together and ride it again. This is the infamous Grass Lake Singletrack with 3 bridges mixed in. Gotta Luv this Ride!

This is the last day of the 2014 Ski Season at Big Bouler Ski Area. Anthony and I out doing the 'old' guys telemark off of the jumps..

Are you struggling with filling your bike tires with air? Well here I'm giving a quick lesson on the different valve stems and how to use them.

Eric and John Peterson Skiing Jack Frost Mountain on an almost typical powder day.

Scott and Elli Peterson ripping up Jack Frost Mountain on a fine Pocono Ski Day.